There are few things as disconcerting as owning a vehicle that is on the fritz. As a machine with numerous moving parts, a car is liable to break down over time, much more so if you fail to adequately take care of it. Fortunately for you, our service center at Walt Massey Chevrolet – Hattiesburg is manned by certified technicians who are capable of performing most auto services.

One of the most vital components of any vehicle is the engine, and like any other part, it is capable of malfunctioning or breaking. Issues that can arise from your engine include a failing oil pump, oil deposits and debris, leaking engine coolant, blocked engine radiators, aged spark plugs, among other issues. Though the list of possible issues is extensive, proper care can head off many of those problems.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary occurring under your hood, take your vehicle into our service center as soon as possible. We will be more than happy to inspect it and offer any insight or recommendations.

Schedule Engine Repair in Hattiesburg, MS

Along with bringing your vehicle into our service center, you can hop online and schedule service from the convenience of your home. We do our best to make this experience as painless as possible. Together with engine repairs, we offer oil changes, brake inspections and replacements, battery service, tire rotations and replacements, along with the option to order parts so you can perform your own repairs at home.

In addition to these services, we have service specials that were created to help lessen the blow to your budget. These services change often and are highly recommended. Whether you need your engine serviced, or you are in need of any other repairs, Walt Massey Chevrolet – Hattiesburg is the place to go for topnotch work and quality customer service.


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